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Splash pad for Kawerau pool

8 March 2016


FUN TIMES: A picture of what the proposed splash pad could look like if the council’s plans go ahead.

KAWERAU’S free swimming pool is about to receive a $560,000 boost that will include a splash pad and wooden structure with a full barbecue.

However, the upgrade will mean the development of a second pool at the complex, planned to start this year, will be deferred.

Kawerau District Council finance and corporate services manager Peter Christophers said the plan was to upgrade the facilities at the town’s pools by introducing a splash pad with activities for children of all ages and a separate wooden shelter for those wanting to use the barbecue.

“Upgrading the barbecue area and installing a splash pad, together with the new set of changing rooms already under construction, will result in Kawerau having an exceptional pool facility,” Mr Christophers said.

“The current barbecue area is popular with family and other groups, and community feedback indicated it was time for an upgrade,” he said.

The council will replace the main barbecue and reposition and remodel the seating area and shelter, as well as buy a large portable barbecue to accommodate additional users.

The splash pad comprises a play area with fountains and water toys to cater for younger children.

Mr Christophers said investigations into the development of a second swimming pool would continue after the splash pad and shelter were complete.

“The council had planned to build a second swimming pool in the coming financial year, but is now proposing to defer this move until the new developments are fully operational to see what impacts the new facilities have on pool use.”

Community input into this decision would be sought as part of the consultation process for the 2016-17 annual plan.


UPGRADE: An artists’ interpretation of the wooden barbecue shelter that Kawerau District Council has settled on for the town’s swimming pool complex. Photos supplied

The council made the decision at a meeting last week after staff presented a report listing several pool development options.

Councillors considered a range of options, including whether the water should be circulated through a filter system or chlorinated, and whether steel or wood should be used to build the structure.

They also had to consider whether to heat the water or not, which could save up to $50,000.

They voted unanimously to back the option that included the full splash pad concept, to circulate and heat the water and to use a wooden structure.

At a cost of $560,000, it was the most expensive option with prices for other choices ranging from $381,000 to $536,000.

Kawerau Mayor Malcolm Campbell said it was the option that would suit conditions in Kawerau and ensured that the facilities would be used all year.

Source: Whakatane Beacon