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Lack of public toilets in Kawerau an inconvenience

12 February 2016

PUBLIC toilets kicked off a Kawerau District Council meeting this week.

Speaking at a public forum at the start of the regulatory and services committee meeting, Margaret Bradnock suggested installing public toilets in the town centre.

She said the lack of public toilets in this area had been drawn to her attention by various Kawerau residents.

Some of those concerned were residents who took fluid tablets (diuretics) and found it an inconvenience to take them without access to bathrooms in the town centre.

“It’s a health issue because it takes away fluid from the heart,” she said.

Mrs Bradnock pleaded with the committee to take the issue seriously, get together and look into installing more public toilets.

“I know there are toilets in the mall but those are privately owned and the ones at the Information Centre are too far.”

She proposed making the new public toilets an icon for Kawerau, decorated with murals like other towns in New Zealand.

Kawerau Mayor Malcolm Campbell agreed with Mrs Bradnock that there was a lack of public toilets, particularly after 4pm.

Councillor Chris Marjoribanks also agreed and said with increased events throughout the summer, there needed to be accessible public toilets that opened until the evening.

Committee chairwoman, Carolyn Ion said the committee would have a robust discussion about the installation of public toilets in the town centre.

Source: Whakatane Beacon