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Kawerau is renowned for its friendliness and community spirit. If you are looking for a great place to live, run your business from, retire to, or experience then Kawerau is worth considering.  It has good people, a superb climate, a handy location, and a natural environment that is the envy of many.  Kawerau is one of a kind. 

Kawerau’s superb climate, handy location and natural environment are the envy of many – and it’s one place where you get real value for your housing dollar.

House prices are inexpensive and many a bargain has been found by those retiring in Kawerau.  Buyers can free up much of their money by selling a high priced home in another town and buying in Kawerau. 

If Kawerau doesn’t top the NZ temperatures daily, it’s not far from it:  just watch the evening weather report.  In winter there are a few frosts, generally only -1 or -2 degrees, but good daytime temperatures.  Kawerau is a low wind area and, though relatively close to the coast, it is just far enough away to miss the cooling sea breezes.  Rain falls evenly through the year, drying off in summer.

Kawerau’s abundant natural resources include wood, water and natural gas.  The best drinking water is sourced from local natural springs and is supplied free and unmetered to all homes.  Natural gas is reticulated throughout the town and geothermally generated electricity is supplied to industry and hopefully, in times to come, will be available for domestic use. With close proximity to forestry, firewood is easily obtainable and reasonably priced.

Kawerau District Council is a small, debt free council providing quality and efficient services such as an excellent modern public library, free public swimming and spa pools, numerous public halls and some lovely gardens, parks and reserves.  Building permits are usually easily-obtained and the town is motorhome friendly.

Read why Kawerau is a comfortable place to retire – download 2 page pdf here.

Whether you are just visiting, looking to relocate here or start a business, our ambassadors are here to provide guidance and support.  Kawerau Ambassadors are proud locals ready to help you find the information you need or get the best out of your stay.

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Kawerau Proud

We’re not markerters, bureaucrats or politicians. We are just a group of (mostly semiretired) Kiwis who are still living the new Zealand dream and we want to let you in on a secret.

We live in a place where purchasing a full section and a decent home is still possible. Our community is friendly and welcoming. Rivers, lakes and the sea is not far away. Our central location to towns like Rotorua (about 45 minutes), Tauranga (1 hour) and Whakatane (30 minutes) is making our town more desireable to the discerning property hunter.

With our savings from selling our big city assets, and an international airport only 45 minutes away, we are able to live the retirees dream of travelling across the country and around the world without having to worry about our finances or crippling mortgage. So long this has been New Zealand’s best kept secret. But we wanted to let you in on it so you can enjoy the New Zealand dream.

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we are getting more and more requests from interested peopple from across the country. This means that house prices will start increasing soon. 

Oh! Don’t believe everything you hear on the media or you will miss out on a number one quality life that is truly stressfree.

Kawerau – your lifestyle choice.

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