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Pohara brothers Filmed in Kawerau

18 September 2015

LEMONADE FOR SALE: Actors Beaudien Tapara and Sonny-Beau Ngaheu man their Hall Street lemonade stand.

TRAFFIC crawled along Kawerau’s Hall Street as cameras rolled, capturing footage for a short film written and directed by a former resident.

The Spectacular Imagination of the Pohara Brothers began filming on September 11 and wrapped on Sunday afternoon under the careful eye of writer and director Todd Karehana.

The plot focuses on two brothers from a poor family who decide to raise some money after overhearing their mother is unable to pay her power bill.

They begin fundraising attempts with a lemonade stand before advertising flying lessons and winning over a grumpy kuia.

Kawerau residents Sonny-Beau Ngaheu and Beaudien Tapara play the two brothers.

Chyanne Sergeant, Sonny-Beau’s mother, said the pair were related in real life but were uncle and nephew rather than brothers.

She saw the roles being advertised on Facebook and thought it would be a perfect opportunity for her son, who enjoyed performing kapa haka.

“We got the script about a week ago, he’s been practising every night and morning … when we got the character description he said it sounded like him in real life,” she said.

“He always said he wanted to be like Boy and act – so this was a good chance.”

Karehana said filming went better than he imagined and his team could not wait to begin the editing process.

The crew set up a lemonade stand along Hall Street and the young actors looked so authentic a car stopped in the middle of the street to buy a drink.

“We had our cameras set up, and they looked around and realised what was happening,” Karehana said.

He said the team of five working on the short film travelled down from Auckland and were surprised and humbled by the support they received from the Kawerau community.

Family members came along to watch and lend a hand.

A friend of his mother’s loaned her Hall Street house for the filming.

Actress and singer Whirimako Black played the role of the grumpy kuia.

“She didn’t have a chance to learn her lines beforehand, but within 20 minutes she learnt them.

“She was amazing to work with. She brought something special to the role.”

Karehana said he expected the editing to take three to four weeks.

A free premiere would be held in Kawerau.

The short film will be shown in Auckland, submitted to international film festivals and available online.


TEAM EFFORT: Director Todd Karehana provides direction to Joas Alberpon and Julie Zhu.


FILMING: Camerawoman Julie Zhu films on Hall Street, Kawerau.

Source: Whakatane Beacon

Photos Louis Klaassen