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Kawerau kaumatua attend their Olympics

25 September 2015

PURPLE PAIR: Joyce Ruland and Cindy Manley walk around a circuit holding their balloon and orange segments as part of the balloon cuddles game.

EYE-catching wigs and sparkling pom-poms were a must-have fashion accessory for competitors at Kawerau’s Kaumatua Olympics on Wednesday.

Tuwharetoa ki Kawerau hosted the annual event in Kawerau District Council’s town hall. It drew 200 people, with teams from around the Bay and Auckland.

Each team of eight to 10 kaumatua and kuia took part in short, fun games including skittles, ball tossing and noodle hockey.

Organiser Hannabel Savage said it was the second time Kawerau had hosted the competition.

The first was staged after a group from the town went to a similar event in Maketu a few years ago.

She said the games were designed for competitors 60 years and older, and took into account the age and fitness levels of the group.

Tuwaharetoa chief executive Chris Marjoribanks said students from Tarawera High School helped run the day by teaching, scorekeeping and umpiring each activity.

He said this helped to build relationships between the different age groups within the community.

Following the games, participants enjoyed a meal together and an award presentation.

Source: Whakatane Beacon

Photos by: Megan Hunt