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Mini hunt contest this weekend

19 July 2017

MINI hunters will scale the land this weekend targeting and catching pest animals.

The Kawerau Mini Hunt, a junior version of the Kawerau Big 3, is the town’s new event aimed at children only.

Big 3 president Rhys Dawson said the event was introduced after the children’s category in the main competition was cancelled last year.

“We have separated the two because we found the kids were being rushed through a lot of things.”

The focus of the event is for children, accompanied by an adult, to target pest animals such as possum, wallaby, rabbit, hare and rat.

Competitors have from Friday, July 21 to Sunday, July 23 to hunt and kill the animals.

“They can go whereever they are allowed. A lot of people have permission to go on people’s properties and at forestry blocks,” Mr Dawson said.

Final weigh-in will take place on Sunday at the Ex-Royal Navalmen’s Club at Kawerau at 2pm.

All entrants need to be present at the prize-giving to be eligible to receive a spot prize.

Mr Dawson said the event was organised because there was a lot of interest in hunting and fishing in Kawerau.

“We want to get the kids are out there, with their parents, learning some safety measures earlier on, especially around firearms.”

Mr Dawson said it was about creating good attitudes and habits around hunting early.
Entry to the competition is $5 and forms and event details are available at the Kawerau i-SITE.

source: Whakatane Beacon