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Fulton Hogan win road reseal contract

25 March 2015

FULTON Hogan has won a tender to reseal a number of roads and parking areas around Kawerau.

On March 17, Kawerau District Council was presented with three tender prices to reseal the streets, which includes a stretch of River Road.

Councillors voted to accept the Fulton Hogan tender, which was $5000 cheaper than the next lowest.

Operations and services manager Tom McDowall said Fulton Hogan tendered $80,375, followed by HEB Bitumen at $85,279, and Higgins Contractors with $103,089.

He said roads included in the tender were River Road, from Tamarangi Drive to Onslow Street, and Vogel Street to Onslow Street.

Delamere Drive, Ryder Place, Syme Crescent, Windley Place, Hadley Street, and Peter Lippa Drive were also marked for resealing work.

Mr McDowall said all tenders met New Zealand Transport Agency’s competitive pricing procedure compliance criteria.

This included relevant experience, track record, resources, management skills, methodology and health and safety.

Mr McDowall said Fulton Hogan had undertaken the council’s resealing over recent years, along with work for other councils around the Bay.

“Their workmanship is considered to be of a high standard,” he said.

NZTA would pay 63 percent of the cost of the resealing work but required the council to accept the lowest tender where possible. Mr McDowall said the agency could withhold part of its funding if the lowest tender was not agreed to.

Source: Whakatane Beacon