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BNZ closed for a good cause

2 September 2015

If your local BNZ branch isn’t open today and is displaying a ‘Closed for Good‘ sign – don’t panic. It’s actually a good sign.

BNZ branches around the country will be ‘Closed for Good‘ with over 3000 staff members getting stuck in and helping more than 500 regional organisations.

Kawerau BNZ staff will be spring cleaning the Kawerau SPCA as well as refurbishing the Eastern Bay of Plenty Hospice Shop’s dressing rooms. 

BNZ chief executive Anthony Healy says he is delighted to see the range and variety of projects coming through this year.

“This year we challenged our community groups to think more broadly about how we can help them,” says Anthony.

“’Closed for Good‘ will always be about a good old fashioned working bee, but we’re delighted that we’re increasingly helping with things like marketing plans, and scam savvy or budgeting workshops.”

Anthony says this is their way of demonstrating how BNZ is serious about helping New Zealanders be smart with money.

“Not-for-profit and regional organisations are such a vital part of our communities,” he adds.

“They’re often people who are busy managing their own jobs and families, so that’s why we’re out in force supporting them.

“Every BNZer has a role to play in supporting their community and I know our people are really proud of the chance to share their time and skills.”

BNZ’s ‘Closed for Good’ initiative is New Zealand’s biggest day of corporate volunteering, and since 2009, BNZ staff have given almost 130,000 hours of their time through Closed for Good to give back to the community.

Source: Sunmedia

Picture: Stand Up Kawerau ,Facebook