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Kawerau night markets all go

27 November 2015

AN exemption from restrictions applying to trading in a public place means Kawerau’s night markets can continue.

Kawerau District Council voted unanimously this week to exempt the summer night markets from clause 7 in its general bylaw, allowing the series to take place in the town’s central business district. The matter was moved by councillor Chris Marjoribanks and seconded by Faylene Tunui.

In his report to the council, regulatory and planning manager Chris Jensen said the bylaw aimed to provide a measure of control around indiscriminate trading in public places in Kawerau by licensing operators, and also identifying areas it was considered undesirable to allow any commercial dealing.

However, he said organisers of the night market had shown that the series had a social aspect and would not negatively impact on businesses in the central business district.

“The organisers have explained that the purpose of the summer night market is to provide a place where the community can bump into each other and have the opportunity to interact with others in a relaxing, safe environment, where they can buy or sell local goods and food and be entertained.”

Mr Jensen said the central business district was the hub for the town and a “logical focal point for some community activity”.

He recommended the council exempt the night markets from the trading restriction under the bylaw and noted the one planned for last night, November 26, had already been granted administrative approval.

Mayor Malcolm Campbell said the night market was a great event for Kawerau.

“It is definitely not affecting any of the businesses in the central business district – it is a great event and long may it carry on.”

The next markets are scheduled for February 18, March 17 and April 21.

Source: Whakatane Beacon